For us, sustainability is achieving our goals and ambitions in terms of growth, taking into account the current and future needs of society. This means offering Quality Cement for the construction of our country, and acting in an ethical and transparent manner in accordance with the law and regulations, providing a healthy, safe and inspiring work environment for our employees, customers, suppliers and promoting the development of communities in which we operate so that they can prosper. Sustainability is a driver of our business.

As leaders in the construction materials industry in Mozambique, one of the most important companies in the sector at the global level, we seek to grow, innovate and increase our operational efficiency by adopting the most advanced technologies to reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency, ensure safety and the health of our employees, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting the development of the communities in which we operate.


  • Rethinking - Do not take action on impulse, that is, analyze the need for acquisition, taking as a principle, the questioning about what is fundamental.                     
  • Refuse - When concluding that a certain consumption is unnecessary, the most sensible attitude is to refuse the offer.                     
  • Reduce - This is the principle of rational consumption, without excesses. It requires that you do not buy something that will not be used or consumed, whether in homes or businesses.                     
  • Repair - Check, before disposing of anything, that it has been repaired. The attitude can be cheaper and still contributes to waste reduction.                     
  • Reuse - The same object can have multiple functionalities, without harming the environment. There are packages that can be reused for other purposes and several other objects that can have creative uses.                     
  • Recycle - It means transforming material objects used in new products for consumption (metals, paper and cardboard, plastics, glass), but it depends on the separation for selective collection.                     
  • Reintegrate - It is an action related to food and other organic products, which can return to nature. One of the main means is composting, for the production of fertilizer.                    

Occupational Health and Safety

SST is of fundamental importance for the sustainability of the business and the maintenance of measures for the prevention of accidents and minimization of risks, showing concern for life and directly impacting the well-being of employees and the company's performance.

The areas of each of the units are monitored by their respective committees and develop actions, directed to direct and indirect employees, which include standardization, regular safety inspections, systematic accident analysis, continuous investment in equipment and training.

The ACS operates continuously in the implementation of new standards and guidelines focusing on work safety and occupational health. And for the follow-up and monitoring of guidelines and goals, ACS adopts OSH indicators with an emphasis on preventives, such as: Behavioral Deviations, Safety Approaches (Leadership), Inspections and others; as well as maintaining attention in the monitoring of reactive indicators, such as: accidentality and warnings.

Based on the guidelines of “Governance in OSH” we seek to maintain focus and attention on the following aspects:

  • Visible leadership;                     
  • Area owner;                     
  • Behavioral change (Safety Approaches, Zero Deviation! SafeStart and training);                     
  • Identification and treatment of deviations (base of the Pyramid);
  • OSH management of contracted companies (Service Providers).

At Austral Cimento Sofala, the “OSH Culture” and the reduction of accidentality demand an intense and rigorous operational discipline, which is why it has continuous monitoring with a focus on behavioral issues.

Environment For the Operation of Processes

The conditions of the work environment necessary to achieve compliance with legal and service requirements at all stages are monitored and the criteria are defined in procedures described

Quality in work safety is ensured and maintained as determined by legislation and requirements established by the company itself, such as the individual and collective safety of employees, lighting, ergonomics, among others. Thus, the following are maintained:

  • PCMSO - Medical Control and Occupational Health Program                     
  • PPRA - Environmental Risk Prevention Program                     

ACS, through the Workers' Quality of Life Program, aims to establish a systematic service for employees, aiming at improving the well-being, safety, production and results of employees.

The Program promotes actions aimed at improving employees through educational and preventive measures, avoiding the emergence of occupational diseases and undesirable complications, reducing absenteeism levels, costs with leave, accident rates, among other factors.

The Worker's Quality of Life Program carries out actions according to the general needs of each individual, providing comprehensive care, encouraging changes in lifestyle, monitoring and preventing the emergence of work-related pathologies.

ACS (Austral Cementos Sofala)

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Fabrica: Bairro Samora Machel
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