Quality Policy

A Top Management establishes, implements and maintains a quality policy appropriate to the context of the organization and which supports its strategic direction, provides a framework for quality objectives, is committed to meeting applicable requirements and is committed to continuous improvement of QMS.

The Quality Policy is formulated and communicated in the following terms:

For our Shareholders:

Achieve and comply with the period established for the recovery of investment and provide opportunities for growth.

For our Clients: 

Provide customers with high quality products that comply with national and international regulatory requirements established for the same product, simultaneously establishing the highest service standards and growth opportunities.

For our suppliers:

Establish partnership relationships so that we become preferred customers, and ensure that they provide us with quality services in accordance with the criteria established by ACS.

For our employees:

Continuously improve working conditions and ensure that all employees are properly trained in the areas in which they carry out their activities and are involved in the ACS quality management system.