Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A produces a product that guarantees the firmness and quality of your project or work.

Welcome to Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A.

Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. operates a cement mill in Dondo, Sofala province of Mozambique with a workforce of more than 110 dedicated women and men. Our aim is to contribute with our products to the growth and development of the Mozambican economy and the national infrastructure.

Our first and highest priorities at work is occupational Health and Safety, a strong focus on the environment and on sustainable products.

The team at Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. is strongly dedicated to deliver high-performance products. We are producing cement in 32.5 and 42.5 quality for our valued customers in the Mozambican market - for your project or work. 

Our high-performance cement is used for the manufacture of various types of mortar products, concrete elements, other building materials, constructions, and elements.

Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. strives to deliver the best service and giving preference to customer satisfaction. We ensure timely delivery and honest commitment towards any of our customers or suppliers.

We believe that there is no short cut to achieve business objectives without values like moral, ethics and honesty.

We are focussed on growing our business, investing in right people-technology, growing our revenues and thus make Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. a financially strong partner to work with. 

Our Cement Is The Historical Know-How Of The Heidelbergcement Group

HeidelbergCement, founded in 1873, is one of the world’s largest integrated manufacturers of building materials and solutions, with leading market positions in aggregates, cement, and ready-mixed concrete. Around 51,000 employees at nearly 3,000 locations in over 50 countries deliver operational excellence and openness for change. The Group operates in 12 countries in Africa – we know about the needs and the requirements of our highly-valued customers.

Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. is part of the German HeidelbergCement Group. We manufacture cement according to European Union and Mozambican State norm standards governing composition, specifications and compliance criteria of the cement (EN 197-1; -2: 2005 and 2006).

Our cement is underlying the Group’s quality management system (ISO 9001ff) and a constant control by internationally certified institutions for our raw materials and own products. Our own cement laboratory at the factory in Dondo is equipped to carry out all chemical and physical analyses of cement according to the internationally leading EN standards.

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Health and Safety

At ACS, safety is a priority for those who love life and occupational health and safety remains a priority.

In addition to the continuous improvement of the company's safety standards and organizational techniques, ACS intensified safety conversations with all employees, contractors and carriers for a safety culture.

Nossa equipe esta comprometido com os objectivos da empresa.

We use the best technologies.

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