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My name is Hanns-Peter Mayer, I’m German, born in Heidelberg/ Germany and working for the HeidelbergCement Group since more than 30 years. Since July 2021, I’m the Managing Director of Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A.

I like cement, its production process and peculiarities. Cement is a hydraulic binder. Mixed with water, it forms plastic mortars that are easy to process and finally becomes a stone-like mass. Mixed with sand, gravel and water you produce concrete. When mixed correctly, it will be a reliable foundation of your construction. 

There is a lot of energy, power and heat required to produce this fine product. Limestone is sourced from giant quarries and calcined with a homogenous mixture of other raw materials at a temperature of 1600°C in huge kilns. The outcome is called clinker and is the main ingredient of cement. The clinker needs grinding to a fine powder, adding gypsum and other components to produce cement. It has always fascinated me to see this heavy industry process happening and when the cement is being bagged or loaded to a bulk carrier. 

I’m not alone with my fascination. At Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A. we have a great team of around 110 dedicated craftswomen and -men to grind and produce high-quality cement for the Mozambican markets. I believe we are all addicts to cement and quality. We believe in fair partnerships with our suppliers and customers. I’m proud to be part of this team!

Above all work-safety for all employees, contractors and visitors to our premises has the highest priority for us. 

So welcome to our homepage, showing you some insights in our World of Cement at Austral Cimentos Sofala S.A.!

Good to see you here.

Hanns-Peter Mayer
(Managing Director)

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Mr. Hanns-Peter Mayer

Managing Director