About Us

Austral Cimentos Sofala SA, is a cement factory located in Bairro Samora Machel Zona Industrial II Talhão 34/35, in the Dondo district, Sofala province, Mozambique.

Installed in the Mozambican market since 2014, in 2016 the company started to be taken over by the German Heidelbergcement Group dedicated to the production of cement and other construction materials.

Currently employs 112 workers It has an installed production capacity of 100 tons / hour of cement, only compensating to produce only 50 tons / hour. ACS is only dedicated to grinding, bagging and selling Portland Compound cement. The cement is shipped in 50 kg bags or in bulk according to the customer's needs.  



The main raw material Clinker, Gypsum and some minority additives are imported. Limestone is purchased locally in the Muxungue quarry and other locations in the parents. ACS has two 1000 tonne bulk cement storage silos each made of metal.


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